As a Poynter 365 member, you can receive private training from our industry-expert faculty. Below you will find each faculty member's specialties and topics of expertise. To schedule time with one of our faculty members, please email members@poynter.org or contact us at (727) 821-9494.

Roy Peter Clark

Specialties: Reading, writing, language, grammar, media criticism, political language, coaching, leadership, strategic planning, ethics, journalism education and standards and practices

Katie Hawkins-Gaar

Specialties: Digital innovation, user-generated content, online communities, participatory storytelling, social media, digital storytelling, creativity, innovation and workplace culture

Kelly McBride

Specialties: Ethics, writing policies and standards, covering sexual assault, vulnerable sources, covering suicide and mental health, investigative reporting, covering religion, covering the police/crime beat and beat reporting 

Al Tompkins

Specialties: Writing and storytelling for TV and online, TV reporting, TV producing, ethical decision-making, investigative reporting, resume video critiques, storytelling video critiques, photojournalism and editing

Butch Ward

Specialties: Leadership and management; managing a staff through change, leading the newsroom to a digital-first focus, coaching writers, improving the newsroom's story ideas, diversifying coverage, election coverage, prioritizing your workload and editing and writing. 

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies 
801 Third St. South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

(727) 821-9494

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